Redefining digital music

Zephyr created a new platform for Warner Music – W Songs. The project is treated by Warner as "a startup within the business" and pairs emerging artists with commercial opportunities.

We approached the project in three distinct phases:

  • Branding - First we focused on defining the brand taking the pre-existing logo and exploring different ways of pairing imagery to create a distinct visual aesthetic.
  • Wireframing & Visual Designs - Next we created mapped out the core pages of the site in a clickable wireframe format with an accompanying sitemap and iterate based on client feedback. Finally we created final visual designs based on brand exploration work we had done to start for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Website Development - Once we had finalized designs we managed the development of the site to the agreed specifications, adding in Spotify integrations, a content managment system and mobile responsivness before testing and setting live.