Digital Growth Marketing & Transformation for small businesses

1. An Introduction to the guide

1.1 Who is this guide for?

This guide was created to help small business owners setup or improve their digital profile in order to grow their business. Given the sections on local search, businesses with a physical location are likely to benefit from this more than those without. However if you run or are part of a business without a physical location it will still be very helpful for you.

When we started writing this guide we hand in mind businesses that have between 2 and 15 full or part time members of staff. In all cases we are assuming that the companies are looking to grow organically without a huge amount of upfront investment and that therefore hiring agencies or building out a large marketing team is just simply not an option. Some examples might include:

• An art gallery looking to generate sales and enquiries.
• An accountancy firm looking to find new customers.
• An escape room looking to generate online bookings

The guide tries to explain all the technical elements of the process as clearly and as simply as possible, that being said an interest in tech and digital is helpful and a basic understanding of how websites work (most importantly your website) will get you a long way.

We appreciate that there are 101 different ways to build a website so we have tried as much as possible to keep our advice platform agnostic. That being said most of the sites we build have WordPress content management systems and according to Kinsta, 35% of all websites use WordPress and 62% of websites with a content management system use WordPress so there is therefore a good chance that you to, sitting at home probably use WordPress.


Writen by Nick

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