Digital Growth Marketing & Transformation for small businesses

2. Creating a Digital Growth Strategy

2.3 Step 1: Setting a Clear Goal

When it comes to writing your strategy we would start by working out what your goal is. What are you trying to derive from your digital activity that will help your business? For some businesses it is online sales or online bookings. For others it is leads, enquiries or phone calls. 

There can be more than one goal. However, we would recommend setting goals that can be clearly measured (for example leads generated or sales completed) and making sure that they are strongly linked to the growth of your business. So while the amount of likes generated on Facebook or the number of times a video has been viewed, can be helpful for judging the efficacy of activity it is hard to trace these back to your monthly turnover and therefore the effects that they are having on your business. Some may argue that a lead completed or even an online sale does not directly correlate with growth. However they do have a strong direct impact.

Once you have set your goal this can become the cornerstone for evaluating activity going forward. Later in the guide we will teach you how to setup conversion tracking. This will allow you to amount of leads generated or sales gained and associating these to a particular piece of marketing activity we can start to judge the comparative effectiveness of different work.


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